We designed a concept bicycle that dismantles and fits into a tire sized bag. We also created a video: vimeo.com/100789284
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We designed our office and all the furniture in it as CNC cut flat panels that took less than 2 hours to assemble for the whole office.
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We designed our office as minimal and modern with a lot of unusual materials and quirky details.
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We designed a concept case that allows you to charge your iPhone by cranking it.
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We designed a concept device that combines a watch, a phone, a headset, a set of keys, a wallet, a portable speaker, a projector and a bedside alarm clock into one.
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We designed an award-winning bicycle with design collaborative Lift.
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We designed a sandal that dispenses seeds as they wear out with design collaborative Lift. It was displayed at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
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We designed a gorilla that breaks apart to form furniture with design collaborative Lift. Ooh Ooh was displayed at the NY International Contemporary Furniture Fair.
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We designed a minimal modern apartment.
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We designed a line of housewares for Niida
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We created a film for Lucid, managing the directing, cinematography, edit, post-production, motion graphics and the soundtrack.www.lucid.co.in/aboutus
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